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  • mkrishnan
    Sep 8, 11:30 AM

    wait, your name is michael bolton?

    :p ;) :D

    If it was, I'm pretty sure Bush would somehow be responsible.


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  • mouthster
    Sep 25, 11:21 AM
    Just FYI, I'm running Aperture with 17k+ images on an iMac 24" 2.1ghz G5 - sometimes slow, but heck i'm doing it and drooling over the 1.5 update


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  • scottishwildcat
    Mar 28, 04:16 PM
    What did you think they would do, rummage through all the non-app store apps on the Mac platform? Lol, some people are ridiculous.
    Yes, hilarious. It beats me how they managed to give out the design awards every other year before the app store existed, it just couldn't have been physically possible.

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  • Nukey
    Sep 24, 09:09 AM
    What a bunch of losers. That guy probably worked really hard on his presentation, and to have it screwed up by a bunch of wannabe-journalists trying to act "cool" for their "blog" is ridiculous. If I were in charge of any of these types of events I'd show these guys the door, permanently. People who think it was funny obviously haven't been on the presenter side of things before.

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  • itguy06
    Oct 28, 05:47 PM
    How much plainer does it need to be, their whole intent is to enable people to steal the GUI and enjoy the Apple OS X experience for free.

    How do you figure? There are people like me that hate Intel's products but love Apple's. So I really don't want to buy an Intel Mac. I would much rather build an AMD rig and buy OSX and install on that. I have bought all OS X releases since 10.2 and would proudly buy 10.5 and run on non-Apple hardware.

    I'd imagine there are many like me that would rather not use Apple hardware but would gladly buy OS X to run on their computers.

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  • Goldinboy17
    Apr 15, 10:35 PM
    What a shame. I really like Android OS but one of my biggest complaints by far is the lack of a solid service to sync and play music with my phone/tablet.

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 16, 10:56 PM
    And different browsers didn't appear for a long while I thought.

    True. This is due to Apples desire to confine users to Safari.

    Their dictatorial approach worked for quite some time. Finally user push back was too much, and Apple caved.

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  • bpfesq
    Apr 15, 12:26 PM
    Seeing as that it doesn't have any place for the antenna (like the black area towards the top of the 3G iPad), i'm very skeptical with this picture.

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  • Krafty
    Apr 26, 05:59 AM
    Woah at the end of that video why was she twitching really violently? She was flipping out, looks freaky :eek:

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  • miles01110
    Apr 21, 01:30 PM
    Exactly rdowns & miles01110. If people can't even adequately vote on a news post, how can we expect this to add any value?

    Part of the issue is what defines "adequately voting"? The voting system on the front page is entirely subjective and- in my opinion- adds nothing to the appeal or disappeal of the story. Same for individual posts.

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  • Hovey
    Jul 21, 10:51 AM
    Apple should spend the money spent on pointing fingers at others and no a bumper is not a fix. It only happens to 1% of the users? Greeeeat. That's 1% more than it should. So get to work and stop trying to look at others failures that are similar to yours.
    What's apple trying to say? That they are failing At fixing something just better?

    Nope, they're saying that nearly every phone has the same problem because nobody has been able to figure out a way around physics, so even though barely anybody is calling in to complain or return a phone we are going to give you something for free and other companies won't even though their manuals tell you the same thing we are telling you.

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  • Dagless
    Mar 6, 11:43 AM
    LOL - you make it sound like everyone else just copies Apple: Other companies are inventive, for example, the company behind Kinetic, or Nintendo ( first 3d game system not requiring glasses ), or Amazon for making the first popular ebook reader device, or sony

    Apple are highly visible and of course, they do make innovative products but I wouldn't go as far to say "the only company".

    Exactly. Apple are just highly visible. Looking around my studio now and scanning through the tools I use at work I see lots of advanced tech that Apple doesn't use;

    Microsoft Kinect, Playstation Move, Bluray, 3D display, Wacom, decent headphones, HD video camera, DSLR.
    Then there's Haptic/tactile feedback for touchscreens and OLED that they could be taking advantage of...

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  • mrial
    Dec 13, 10:38 AM
    Dont underestimate the power of marketing. They might have this LTE/CDMA combo where the LTE is not all that functional but is there only for the publicity. Think about the splash of the FIRST 4G iPhone!

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  • belvdr
    Mar 11, 01:17 PM
    Milestone 1:


    Milestone 2:


    Milestone 3 (the most recent):


    Any questions?

    Links to Steve's presentations and nothing else, eh? If computing has changed, then why do we still have laptops and desktops? Even better, why does Apple still sell them?

    At least you are following this statement perfectly :

    I just look to Steve to see the trends in posting on Macrumors. Whatever the guy says, it means it will become defacto opinion on this site.

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  • Mooey
    Mar 23, 05:09 AM
    So last night I was checking my email after work and my computer makes a weird beep. I realized that the sound is made by Connect360 when a connection is made to an Xbox. I opened the program and it says my 360 is connected and media is being shared with it. This means that whoever stole my 360 is still in range of my wireless network.

    Got in my car with my laptop and found the range on my network is a bit larger than I had expected. About 8-10 houses on my block get at least some signal from my network

    This morning at 5am, my 360 connected to the network again and I decided to take a walk around the neighboorhood to see who was awake. I found two houses within range of my network that had a blue glow in the window from a TV. When the 360 was disconnected from the network about 30 mins later, I walked back around and there was one house that no longer had the TV on.

    I'm going to call the police department and talk to the officer that has been handling my case. I'm pretty sure I don't have enough information for them to get a search warrant but I'm getting more confident about actually getting my 360 back than I was three days ago.

    Bust some balls, HOOAH!

    It's like CSI for gamers, lol.

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  • ron dj
    Sep 12, 02:44 AM
    The whole Movie Store (iFlicks/iMovies, what have you) idea is too similar to the iTune's introduction, with the iPod, and those third-party music download sites that popped up everywhere all because of the "music store idea". Already, Amazon.com has a movie store, and I'm sure there are more to come/already out, but what these businesses are forgetting is that the reason iTunes was/and still is so successful was almost entirely because of the iPod, and its ultimate ease of accessibility with iTunes. Of course Movies are alot different than Music, but if Apple releases a movie-based (widescreen, easy upload, etc) iPod that has the same user-friendliness as it relatively did/does with music, these third-party "Movie Stores" are going to follow the same path of every attempted third-party music-download site to "over-do" iTunes, insofar that those businesses don't charge significantly less than Apple does. In all, Apple WILL release its Movie-ample iPod with the Movie Store or subsequently and immediately after the Movie Store opens, since there is every reason TO do so.

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  • scotthew1
    Nov 23, 06:10 PM
    will the sale discounts be added in with outher discounts, such as educator's discounts?

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  • OdduWon
    Oct 10, 05:22 PM
    Yeah, Apple isn't going to sit back and let Zune steal its lunch!

    Those who bought the 5.5g ipods lately probably are going to feel bummed.

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  • satcomer
    Apr 12, 03:59 PM
    A cool poster:


    link: Astrogear poster (http://astrogear.org/posters/poster-the-universe-is-trying-to-kill-you/)

    Apr 29, 03:27 PM
    Who reads those things anyway...

    sure this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdjUEVEJEhw) has been posted a million times but ...

    (right at the end)

    Oct 3, 01:37 PM
    ipod hifi wireless you say :|.. that'd be cool, add a laptop battery to it too (rechargable) and it'd be a buy :-D

    Jan 6, 08:51 PM
    Could the Arn make sure we don't see advertisements for the new iPhone/iTV/MacWhatever/iStuff thingies when we reach this page?


    just some generic apple ads there now.


    Jan 13, 03:03 PM
    Gizmodo is responsible for this because it vouched for the prankster and obtained a credential for him. Media organizations put their reputations at stake each time they obtain a credential for someone, whether it's to a high school basketball game, a trade show or a political event.

    I can quote out of context too. But I won't, because I don't attack people who disagree with me.

    Saying that Gizmodo's actions are going to hurt other online media is silly. It screams scapegoat. I know online media is trying to be taken seriously but viciously attacking each other instead of trying to come to a real solution doesn't help anyone.

    Sep 25, 02:39 PM
    Technically my POWERMAC G4 can run iMovie, Keynote, and other mac software. RUNNING and FUNCTIONING (at a reasonable speed) are two totally different things. iPhoto takes a day to get going. I can't imagine aperture.

    Anyway... I don't want to ruin anybody's happy day, but the reality is, if you don't have the latest and greatest Apple Machine, the current software runs pretty slow.

    Go to the Apple store (yes, this means some of you will have to leave your apartment) and try running this software on a mac mini. Don't get depressed when it takes your entire lunch break to start the software. Forget about moving stacks of photos around and editing. As I mentioned... I had problems with the G5 QUAD and the original aperture at my Apple Store in Seattle. THEN AGAIN... they haven't updated half the things in the store. SLOPPY SLOPPY SLOPPY.

    Just a thought.

    I would ALSO have a lot of trouble with a G4 Quad.

    Nevetheless, you can't say anything without actual thoughts, and not RANDOM ones. The G5 Quad you were using must have been misused by kids mucking around with it, not responsible users who take care of their machine.

    I'm sure Aperture will run great on my Intel 1,66 Mini, with 2GB RAM